To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest account yet? Many couples have them for their wedding. They have boards for décor, floral arrangements, dresses, wedding cakes, engagement rings and everything you can think of in between. And…they have photography boards. I like Pinterest boards because they give me insight into a couple’s expectations, their personality and the type of wedding the couple hopes to have.

Here’s the great thing about Pinterest: it’s literally a treasure trove of ideas about everything you can imagine about weddings! Here’s the drawback about Pinterest: it’s literally a treasure trove of ideas about everything you can imagine about weddings! So here is our list of Do’s and Don’ts for Pinterest:

DO use Pinterest to organize your ideas and enhance your vision of what you want from your wedding photographer. For example, when you see a photo on Pinterest of a table setting, you may envision that table setting at your wedding (give or take a flower) and how you want it captured. Do you want the emphasis on the place setting or on the centrepieces? Can you envision a black and white photo or can you only imagine it in colour? Think about all those photos you’re hoping will capture the spirit and details of your wedding and pin accordingly. It becomes that much easier to communicate your ideas when you can share your vision visually (yes, we meant to say that)!

DO let yourself dream. That’s what Pinterest is for – the “I can have everything I want” wedding. Almost every idea can be brought into your budget and your photos (except maybe a fireworks display but we can DO fireworks). That’s where we get to play with our collective imaginations and create photos you will WANT to put on Pinterest.

DO find those “must have” photos. You will find pins that say, “The 50 Photos You MUST Take For Your Wedding”. Chances are, in all the busyness of planning, key photos are going to slip your mind. Pinterest will help you make YOUR list of what’s important to you. You may love the photo of the back view of the whole bridal entourage but reality may tell you that it’s not really your thing.

DO use it to determine your colour scheme. First there was Pantone, then there was Pinterest and weddings will never be the same. We have seen everything from ombre to clashing on purpose and we make it work for your photos. You can make it work for yourself too. Pinterest gives some great options when you use their search engine. Don’t believe us? Plug the word “blue wedding” and see how many possibilities show up. You’ll get tired of scrolling before Pinterest runs out of pins.

DON’T conflate your wedding with someone else’s. Yes, your wedding colours are blue and ivory but if you don’t live in Ottawa and you don’t have a budget for the Adam Room at the Chateau Laurier, well, your wedding won’t look like the Pinterest photos of the blue and ivory wedding in the Adam Room at the Chateau Laurier. Remember your dreams and run with them but do your best not to set yourself up for disappointment. We can still capture photos that are as ethereal and Pinterest worthy as that other wedding…but your personality will be in every one.

DON’T confine yourself to one theme. We can take a theme and show it in ways you never expected. For example, you may be having a Christmas wedding but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want photos that are all about the most wonderful time of the year (with thanks to Johnny Mathis). Those light and airy photos that are often synonymous with summer are still easily captured in the fall, it just takes the right lighting and creativity to make them a reality. Keep your options open enough to allow for the creativity your photographer can bring.

DON’T let just anyone pin to your photography board. The volume of (possibly conflicting) ideas will confuse you. Consider keeping collaborators to a minimum. You know what they say about too many cooks in a kitchen. It’s the same result when there are too many planners in a wedding.

DON’T try to have a Pinterest wedding. Let me be clear: EVERY wedding is a Pinterest wedding because it’s YOUR day, not Suzie’s from Georgia. Pinterest is about creativity and individuality. Let your own self shine through because THAT is what will make your wedding Pinterest-ing.

Did you use Pinterest to plan your wedding? Share your tips in the comments.