Increase Positive Brand Awareness with Corporate Photography by Ottawa’s Mitch Lenet

Corporate Events

As an event planner in Ottawa, you spend a tremendous amount of time planning every detail of your event from the venue, to the decor and the keynote speakers. After you pull off the perfect party conference or incentive trip, all that remains are the photos documenting the event. In today’s visual world, it is not enough to rely on cell phone photos to represent your efforts. Mitch Lenet photography will not only capture all the details, speakers and guest interactions, we will capture the spirit of your event in every way. We provide our clients with images perfect for all of your corporate marketing collateral, social media platforms and other Internet real estate.


As an art form, photography helps us see, but great photography helps us feel. Are your images conveying the message you wish your target audience to receive? Is your Ottawa brand represented in its best light? Do your photographs make people feel something so the message is retained? Mitch Lenet Photography has spent over 20 years working with corporate marketing and branding agencies worldwide asking these questions and perfecting our visual style. There is intrinsic value in replacing stock photography with specifically branded, purpose driven imagery and we supply you with unique and captivating images that create positive impact.


Technically a headshot is just a photograph of someone’s head, but in fact, it is really so much more. Whether you are an actor, an entrepreneur, a fitness model, or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, your head shot represents your brand. Our corporate photography services team takes great pride in representing you in the most flattering and appropriate way. We will help you with all aspects of your image for your headshot, including choosing the right attire, selecting a location and even helping with hair and makeup if necessary.

Make Ottawa Take Notice with Corporate Photography

Product Photography

It takes mere seconds of looking at a photograph for people to form a perception of your product soour corporate photography images highlight your products in a manner that drives sales conversions.Great product photography will provide you with competitive advantage and enhance your website, business listings and social media attention. This is especially true for product-based companies whose products are displayed alongside their competitors. We believe high quality, beautiful product shots are not just about aesthetics, they are about creating compelling images that make people take notice.

Food Photography

Whether you represent a restaurateur or a magazine, if food is your core business and passion, you know that people “feast with their eyes,” before they ever take a bite. We believe that great food photography can transform a menu, website or magazine feature into a delectable work of art. Over that last 15 years we have set our clients apart with tasty imagery that look as good as they taste for cookbooks, blogs, restaurants and print magazines.


Powerful fashion photography is concept-driven and must sell a lifestyle to your audience to entice them to want to buy your designs or hire your services. To accomplish this, your images must convey emotion and create dramatic impact. Renowned for our lighting work, highly developed visual arts skills and adaptive shooting, your Mitch Lenet corporate photographers take your Ottawa fashion photographs to the next level.