Choosing the Right Photographer: Meeting Space

Today’s blog post is written by a guest blogger, Claire (of course that’s not her real name). Here is her testimony!

It’s go time! The time you meet that person who will capture your wedding memories forever. Let me tell you how I met my photographer (and it was not Mitch). I first heard of them from a couple of the venues my then-fiancé and I visited (because let’s face it, the venue is the first thing you need to find). Rave reviews. Good recommendations on wedding sites, on their Facebook page and on their own website (in hindsight, who in their right mind would show a bad review on their website…but I digress). I had heard so much about them that I sought them out at one of the bridal shows. We hit it off. They were a bit edgy, had the style I thought I was looking for and, more importantly, they were available. For a busy woman planning a wedding in three months, working a career AND going to school, this was very important. We booked a meeting.

That first and only meeting took place at a coffee shop. It was a busy one (sorry, no locations). We had trouble getting a table. We brought our laptop with photo examples that we liked. We looked through their website and then felt confident enough to book them. I wish I had stopped at looking at their website. It did not turn out well.

Then I met with Ottawa Wedding Photographer Mitch Lenet to discuss the possibility of a re-shoot. You can’t recreate your wedding day, but some nice photos of my husband and I could still be had. It had only been a year. I first chatted with Mitch about the re-shoot on Facebook, then on the phone and then he invited me to meet him in his home studio. Oh…people do that?

Mitch (and his pooch Leo) greeted me at the door and led me down to his basement studio and opened the door. Where exactly was I? Where were the 40 other people chatting and sipping cappuccino? Where were the kids running around? (Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE kids…just maybe not with my photographer and coffee).

Mitch offered me a coffee and we sat down on a cozy black leather sofa while Mitch sat in a leather chair. He always sits there too. I think it should have the word “photographer” attached to the back. The surroundings were tasteful and serene.  On the coffee table were a number of sample albums (each more exquisite than the one before). On the wall was a large screen TV that ran a slide show of beautiful photos from past weddings. I must say, seeing his photos on the computer screen and seeing them on the large screen is really eye opening. You can see just how clear and sharp his photos really are and it’s obvious these photos will stand the test of time!

At the opposite end of the room, there it is…the place where the magic happens: post-production. I got a good overview of the tools he uses for post-production and to say it is impressive simply doesn’t do it justice. This is the studio of a consummate professional in every sense of the word.

Can you see the difference? My husband and I met with our photographer at a coffee shop, with no materiel to review: no photos, no albums, just our laptop (that we thought to bring. We weren’t asked to bring one.) I met with Mitch at his home studio, a dedicated space where I could see who this man is as an individual and a photographer (and a dog lover), what kind of tools he works with and where we could see the fruits of his labour in several ways. That’s the difference. The promise of professionalism vs. the evidence of it. Evidence always wins.

To discuss your wedding photography needs, contact Mitch Lenet Weddings today and rest assured knowing the images captured will allow you to relive your special day for a lifetime.