Claudia and Daniel an Orchard View Wedding

”And baby
You know I hope and I pray
That you believe me
When I say this love will never fade away”

Love has no boundaries, love does not see colour or race. This is probably the best way to describe our story and certainly our wedding. In 2014, I met Daniel in The Netherlands while I was a Master’s student. I always go back to that period of my life and think how lucky I was to meet my beautiful husband. After 18 months living in the same city, I moved to the UK, so we started living in different countries, but that did not matter because we would head to the airport every Friday and cross the channel to spend amazing weekends together.

After some time, we decided to move to Ottawa, and honestly it was not a hard decision. We both wanted to live together and knowing we were moving to one of the most beautiful countries in the world made it all the easier. I was also going to be closer to my home country of Mexico, so that was another plus.

In March 2017, Daniel popped the big question and by June 10th (two months later), Ottawa became our ‘destination’ wedding. Local for me and Daniel, but virtually all of our friends and family flew in from different parts of the world and got to see Canada for the first time, on the eve of Canada 150 no less! I know you must be thinking… Ottawa?? And only two months to organize your wedding?? But hey! It was perfect! It was a lovely, genuine and fun-filled celebration. We wanted a wedding that reflected the different countries and cultures that contributed to who we were as individuals and as a couple, including Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands and of course, Mexico! I devoted all of my time, soul and energy to organize every last detail, so I would say two months is enough if you have the time to do it.

And besides time, you also need allies who will do their most to help you out to have the most amazing day, and I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful wedding without the help of my excellent vendors: Carla from CapitalFlorist, Melissa from Delightfully Delicious Desserts, Amanda from Orchard View, DJ Chris from Dynamix Productions, and of course Mitch and Ricardo from Mitch Lenet Photography.

I cannot express with words the excitement we had when our wedding guests who came from different corners of the world told us it was one of their favorite weddings ever! So much gratitude to all our vendors who did a great job we truly recommend them!