Know How to Have the Perfect Get Ready Shots for Your Wedding

Are you trying to the get the best shots from your getting ready photos? With some great time management, you can capture the perfect details for your big day including ring shots, wedding invitations, bridesmaids get ready shots and much more! Here are four things you can do before your photographer arrives to ensure he or she gets the best shot.

1. Location, location, location!

Pick a location that is spacious, full of light and reflects your your wedding style. Think about this way ahead of time. Where will you be getting ready? At home? A hotel or a bridal suite that the venue provides? Really give this portion some thoughts as this is where you will be spending the majority of the day getting pampered and made over! Don’t let your get ready space be a last minute thought. You will spending the majority of your time here, so make sure it is a cozy and relaxing space.

2. Number of people in the space
The less people you have in the space, the better. Ideally only host your wedding party in this space. You will have the bridal party, wedding photographer with equipment, hair and make up with more equipment. In some cases, even the videographer is part of the getting ready process. These vendors may also bring help. Ensure the space can accommodate every one, it is spacious and please clean up all the clutter!  Don’t forget Champaign and the snacks!

3. Keep the room clean.
Don’t make a mess. You photographers and videographers will normally get there 2-3 hours after you have already started your prepping. They do not want to spend the majority of the time cleaning up before getting started. Make sure your dress is hanging, all the girls dress should also be hanging in the closet and throw away garbage. If you keep things organized as you go, you will save so much time and the vendors can focus on doing their job. You don’t want to see a dirty room in your photos anyways.

4. Remember Start Early

We recommend starting as early as your package allows. This gives the photographer more time with you to capture all the detailed shots you may have. The bride ALWAYS goes first! We do not want to run out of time! The make up artist can always do a quick touch up before heading out to the ceremony if you are worried about make up lasting longer!

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