Winter Engagement Shoot at Rockcliffe Park

Dina & Hariel
These two love-birds actually wanted their engagement session in the Winter. Not “+10’C Xmas eve” Winter, but actual, “so much snow you won’t regret wearing your ‘comfy’ boots because you won’t see them” Winter. And Winter they got. A beautiful day at that, full of white snowy goodness and a crisp air to add just the right amount of frostbite tingle on my trigger finger. A perfect setting for me to accidentally drop Dina’s stunning engagement ring while taking a picture of it. To be lost forever in the abyss of snow. Picture me, trying to run through the knee-deep stuff from Hariel, or simply “H”, as his friends call him. A friend I once was seconds earlier when I was holding the ring he had worked so hard to choose, finance, and then propose with. What a sight that would be…me huffing and puffing (I GOT LOTS OF GEAR PEOPLE!!), Dina in tears, and Hariel throwing snowballs at me to slow me down. Now THAT would have been an awesome picture. Instead, we got these ones.